The Faces of New Jersey Project : Paul K Trace


Paul K TraceI am very proud to introduce you to this extremely talented photographer friend of mine, (Paul Trace). I actually met him today on accident. We had never met face to face before only through phone and email communications. I had just arrived at Red Bank Battlefield and was waiting for my next NJ resident to arrive. While walking up to the river I passed Paul. In passing Paul made a comment about the gear I was carrying. I explained the project I was working on and handed him a card when he replied “CHRIS, I’M PAUL TRACE.”

Our connection first started when his grandson began working for the same company I do. Paul would send me his old Pro Photo Magazines and has given me knowledge that can only come from a photographer with decades of experience. It was actually Paul’s idea for me to change the name of my image from Negatives Revealed to something more personal that my audience can relate to (Chris Spano Photography).

Paul introduced me to his lovely wife and explained that they were at the battlefield for a little walk and to capture images for Stock Photography. I wasn’t going to let Paul walk away without taking a photograph of him. It was truly an honor to put a face to the man who has had such an impact on the way I approach my photography craft.

I would highly reccomend Paul to capture any of your photographic needs. You can find some of his work here…….

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Resident #4 Al Money


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Resident #4 Al Money

Meet Allen or other wise known as Money. I first met Money when I started my career as a Well Pump Technician back in 2007. Money is a part time truck driver and is planning on retiring completely in 2014. He is definetely a Character with plenty of stories to tell. He was born and raised in Millville NJ and currently resides in Bridgeton. I will miss him for sure when he retires.

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Resident #3 Robbie



Face # 3 is a familiar one to my family. This is my cousin Robbie. Tonight I attended a family birthday party and I brought my camera just incase someone wanted to do some portrait shots. Robbie is the second generation of cousins and is about 11 years younger than me. I never really knew what to say to him growing up because I wasn’t into the same things as he is. Robbie is extremely smart and into politics as well as theater. Probably the exact opposite of how I would classify myself. I decided to walk up to Robbie and ask him if he needed a headshot for anything because he is very stylish and has a fashion sense. Come to find out that he really was interested in modeling and loved the idea. He truly is a great subject to photograph and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to connect with him through photography. I hope that the images that I take of him can help land him in a job that he is passionate about. Robbie and I plan to do more shoots in the future so make sure you LIKE my facebook page and bookmark my website