The Faces of New Jersey Project : Paul K Trace


Paul K TraceI am very proud to introduce you to this extremely talented photographer friend of mine, (Paul Trace). I actually met him today on accident. We had never met face to face before only through phone and email communications. I had just arrived at Red Bank Battlefield and was waiting for my next NJ resident to arrive. While walking up to the river I passed Paul. In passing Paul made a comment about the gear I was carrying. I explained the project I was working on and handed him a card when he replied “CHRIS, I’M PAUL TRACE.”

Our connection first started when his grandson began working for the same company I do. Paul would send me his old Pro Photo Magazines and has given me knowledge that can only come from a photographer with decades of experience. It was actually Paul’s idea for me to change the name of my image from Negatives Revealed to something more personal that my audience can relate to (Chris Spano Photography).

Paul introduced me to his lovely wife and explained that they were at the battlefield for a little walk and to capture images for Stock Photography. I wasn’t going to let Paul walk away without taking a photograph of him. It was truly an honor to put a face to the man who has had such an impact on the way I approach my photography craft.

I would highly reccomend Paul to capture any of your photographic needs. You can find some of his work here…….

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Katt Wilkins


Katt Wilkins-38

Katt and I met online through the South Jersey Photography Group. Katt has been making photographs since she first picked up her fathers camera in her Elementary School Years. Katt recently started a very inspiring photo project of her own. She takes photos of herself and others to showcase the beauty in everyone, especially those that have been through rough times in their life. Katt lost her sister to a “life-long battle with Muscular Dystrophy and six months later her best friend committed suicide”.

Needless to say, Katt has gone through a lot in a very short amount of time. It takes a lot of courage for her to speak up and not only share her experience with the world but also help others who may be going through similar experiences. You can find Katt and her project here…….

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Desa Scott


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Desa Scott

Meet Desa, she is 29 years old from Lindenwold NJ. Desa is a stay at home Mom to a handsome 2 year old boy named Austin. She currently resides in West Deptford with her son and newly married husband Joe. Desa is not your typical girl as she doesn’t like to dress up. She stated that she would rather throw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and head to the lake with a fishing pole in hand. Desa also enjoys camping, mudding and photography.

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Megan Steigerwalt


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Megan Steigerwalt

Meet Megan, 23 year old vintage model from South Jersey. She has been modeling for the past 4 years and is very comfortable in front of the camera. Megan enjoys all things vintage and has a blog called “Overpowered by Funk”. The blog serves as a voice for vintage in Southern New Jersey. Megan also enjoys playing music specifically the drums. She played the drums all throughout High School at every music event possible.

Megan still rocks an 80 GB Classic iPod and is pretty proud of the music collection she has acquired over the years. A couple of Megan’s favorites are The Clash and Bobby Darin. Megan also enjoys comedy and finds Monty Python and Peter Sellers to be very inspirational.

Megan can be found at the links below…..
Model Mayhem:

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Kim of Kim’s Kreations


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Kim of Kim's Kreations

Meet Kim, Mother of two and full time elementary school teacher. Kim is also the creator of Kim’s Kreations. She sells personalized party favors and gifts that are made to order. My wife may be her #1 customer. We have ordered just about every item that she carry’s. If you were to look around my house you would find many items which include; Princess themed Treasure Chest that my daughter uses for her dress up clothes. Custom Time Out Chair with timer where you will find my daughter if she is being bad. Pencil Case, Art Supply Case, Large Tote, Bubble Wand, Tumblers, Wine Glasses and a Christmas Ball Ornament. It is safe to say that Kim’s Kreations are one of a kind and you will not be disappointed if you were to order something special for you or a friend. Kim’s creations can be found on Facebook here……..

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Resident #7 Selma Fennimore


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Resident #7 Selma Fennimore

Meet Selma, born and raised in Bellmawr NJ. When Selma was a little girl, Bellmawr was considered Hedding Twp. It wasn’t until 1926 when the borough was renamed after the Bell family, prominent horse breeders and landowners in the area. Selma attended Elementary School at Ethel M Burke, the original Mary Ethel was Selma’s teacher. When Selma was out of School she would help out at one of the many Fennimore Farms in the area that her family owned. After Selma graduated high school she went on to be a Bar Tender at the Mount Ephraim Democrat Club and worked there for 14 years. Selma moved on from tending bar to become a bus driver for DeHart in Thorofare. She later retired as a civil service bus driver for the State of New Jersey. Selma’s fondest memory of growing up in New Jersey was being surounded by family and hanging out on the porch at the Fennimore General Store.

Thank you Selma for sitting down and sharing your story, it truly was a pleasure.

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