The Faces of New Jersey Project: Katt Wilkins


Katt Wilkins-38

Katt and I met online through the South Jersey Photography Group. Katt has been making photographs since she first picked up her fathers camera in her Elementary School Years. Katt recently started a very inspiring photo project of her own. She takes photos of herself and others to showcase the beauty in everyone, especially those that have been through rough times in their life. Katt lost her sister to a “life-long battle with Muscular Dystrophy and six months later her best friend committed suicide”.

Needless to say, Katt has gone through a lot in a very short amount of time. It takes a lot of courage for her to speak up and not only share her experience with the world but also help others who may be going through similar experiences. You can find Katt and her project here…….

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Desa Scott


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Desa Scott

Meet Desa, she is 29 years old from Lindenwold NJ. Desa is a stay at home Mom to a handsome 2 year old boy named Austin. She currently resides in West Deptford with her son and newly married husband Joe. Desa is not your typical girl as she doesn’t like to dress up. She stated that she would rather throw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and head to the lake with a fishing pole in hand. Desa also enjoys camping, mudding and photography.

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The Faces of NJ Project: Aubrie Anna


Aubrie Anna-43

Meet Aubrie, she is a 22 year old actor from Palmyra New Jersey. Aubrie grew up a complete Tom-Boy who would go as far as dress in boys clothes and play sports with all the boys. Aubrie holds the Burlington County record in 2011 for shooting an impressive 51 three pointers. She is currently a server at Pub; however, in the past has worked in construction, remodeling homes.  When Aubrie was thirteen she began to experiment with clothes and makeup. This is when her interest for modeling and acting began. Aubrie has always enjoyed entertaining and making people laugh. Aubrie just finished her first feature film called Rachel’s Revenge and is currently working on her second called One Night at Dante’s. Aside from acting Aubrie has modeled in a couple runway shows for designers.

It’s safe to say that this young lady has already accomplished a lot for her age. I look forward to seeing her on the big screen one day.
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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Shooting 100 Strangers Style


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Shooting 100 Strangers Style

Usually I have a name and story to attach to each face I photograph; however, this one is a little different. As some of you already know from my 3 previous posts, I met Fred and Becky at the mall for their portraits, due too how cold the weather here in New Jersey has been. The temperatures definitely have not been comfortable enough for me to ask someone to stand outside for a photograph. As I was chatting with Becky and Fred about photography, I noticed this gentleman walking up from the corner of my eye. I immediately walked away from the conversation and went up to this bearded charmer. I think I may of said something like “Dude you have to let me take a photo of you for my project” and I immediately handed him a contact card. He looked a little puzzled and was curious to what the project was all about. After Becky, Fred and I explained the project to him, he said my girlfriend is around here somewhere, let me grab her and I will be back. When he walked away I was thinking he wouldn’t come back thinking some weirdo just asked if he could take my picture. That wasn’t the case at all.

While walking toe to toe with his girlfriend, still seeming puzzled by why we were shooting portraits in the middle of the mall, this young lad with hipster swag agreed to pose for a shot and also agreed to be part of The Faces of New Jersey Project. Unfortunately, didn’t catch his name because I was so interested in not missing the opportunity.

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Ken Steinberg


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Ken Steinberg

Meet Ken, born in Brooklyn, NY. Ken worked for a Wall Street Company around the same time The World Trade Center had just opened. While attending school in Building 1 of the World Trade Center, Ken studied all aspects of International Trade. At the age of 29, Ken was relocated to Center City Philadelphia where he worked in the Penn Mutual Building. During this time Ken found himself living in the Echelon Apartments next to the newly opened Echelon Mall. Ken was quite the businessman, moving around in some big buisness circles of the International Trade Industry and was often a guest at the Legionaires Club. Ken has resided in many areas of South Jersey and has come to love the senior friendly atmosphere. Ken is a father, an active biker rider who is into excercising and technology. Ken can often be found utlizing the computers and internet services at the Pennsauken Public Library where he currenlty resides.

The Faces of New Jersey Project: Fred Glasser


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Fred Glasser

Meet Fred, full time Professional Photographer and owner of S18 Photography based in Marlton NJ, with a studio in Cinnaminson. Fred shoots a lot of Commercial Photography; however, specializes in Real Estate and Headshot Photography. Fred’s wife is a photographer as well, she primarily is a Newborn Photographer but they shoot wedding’s and events together. Fred said that they compliment each other well as they have different shooting styles.

Fred, never really knew what he wanted to be when he grew up and along the way he’s done everything from stock trading & real estate to owning his own vending company. Fred’s background is in engineering, he has a degree is in Computer & Electrical Engineering. Fred, worked for the US Dept. of Defense for 8+ years. Fred worked in Weapons & Munitions testing for the US Army, and in modeling and simulation for the Navy. Fred worked his way from Jr. Engineer to Lead Project Engineer in 5 years at the Naval Air Warfare Center in Lakehurst, NJ. Fred then went into management where he managed a number of large information systems & visual landing aids platforms… a number of multi-million dollar platforms stationed throughout the world.

One of the scariest decisions of Fred’s life was when he stepped away from his day job, leaving behind six figures, while having a mortgage, car payments, a daughter and more. Fred decided that he wanted to do something that truly made him happy and liked the idea of owning his own company. Along with his wife, Fred was able to build their already busy photography business into his a successful company. Fred is very excited about moving forward with what he and his wife love to do.

I met Fred on Google+ and I have already learned a lot from him just by going on this photo shoot. Fred is a huge fan of David Hobby, and and has a lot of knowledge on off camera flash. Something I have very little knowledge with but have been trying to learn for quite some time now. I also learned a good bit about custom white balance as the shot you see here, was not coming out how I had originally planned in my head. Fred told me it was due to the incandescent bulbs and suggested that I custom white balance my camera off of his shirt. As soon as I did that the photo came to life. It was definetly a pleasure meeting Fred and I look forward to future shoots together.

If you would like to connect with Fred head over to one of his websites,, he is also on many other Social Media platforms. Just do a search for S18 Photography.

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The Face Behind The Project: Chris Spano


The Face Behind The Project: Chris Spano

My name is Chris Spano. I am the photographer and creator of The Faces of New Jersey Project. When I was young there was nothing I wanted more than to get my license. I had a love for cars ever since I first drove a go-kart, I guess you can say I had the need for speed. I started working at as a Photo Lab Tech when I turned 16, so I could save up and have a car for the day I turned 17. While working in the lab I got to reveal the negatives of 35mm film from camera’s all around town. This is when I began my interest in photography.

I joined a photo forum called The Agents of Fortune. It was ran by a bunch of guys who where hobbyist photographers and would go out and shoot landscape photography as a group. I tagged along with my little point and shoot camera. Even though my images couldn’t stand up to the quality of work these guys showed, I felt like I was where I belonged. The Agents of Fortune forum no longer exists but the guys who ran it are still around and they now go by Slama Photography. They have been my mentors throughout my entire photo journey and I am proud to call them my friends.

My wife purchased my first DSLR camera for my birthday almost three years ago. It was an entry level Nikon D3000. This is when the bug set in. Around the same time I got the camera my buddy from work Ed Owens was writing music and searching for musicians to put a band together. Ed eventually had a solid band and wanted me to come out and photograph their first big event. The band’s name is Loaded Gun and they played one of their first gigs at The Trocadero in Philadelphia. It was the first time I had ever photographed musicians but people seemed to enjoy the photos I had created. I was later invited by a production company called Glitter City Productions to come out to a few shows and photograph their concerts. I really enjoyed this because I felt like a Rock Star. I had an all access pass and could get as close to the bands as I liked. Through this journey I met a lot of famous artists and a few that some people would consider legends of Rock n Roll.

Since I was shooting in low light, my entry level DSLR just wasn’t cutting it, so I bit the bullet and traded all my gear in for a brand new Canon 5D Mark II with a 24-105 f4 lens as well as a 50mm 1.8 what is also known in the photography world as the nifty fifty. This is where my images started to shine. Living the Rock Star life wasn’t working well for me as I had a family at home, so I decided to stop photographing musicians.

I was searching online for other things to photograph and I stumbled across an ad for Professional Roller Derby in my area. It was a long shot but I sent out an email to the event coordinator and asked if I could photograph a bout just for fun in return I would supply them with the images that I create. It turns out that Roller Derby is extremely awesome and the Derby Teams were so appreciative of my photographs that they invited me along to other events. I photographed quite a few bouts at Derby Ink in Philly. It was a Bank Track for Professional Roller Derby Teams. I met a lot of cool people photographing Roller Derby. If I had the time to put into it I would love to be a team photographer but right now its not in my cards since I work 45-55 hours a week.

My love for portraiture began when my daughter was born. I photographed her just about everyday for the first year of her life. I learned a lot about portraiture just by trial and error and YouTube videos. I one day got an idea to photograph and tell the stories of our Nation’s Veteran’s and asked my neighbor George who I knew was a World War II Vet to participate in my new found project. George was happy to oblige. The photo turned out to be the best photo I had ever taken and one month after I was hit by the disheartening news that my friend George had passed away. George never shared his story with any of his children because he didn’t think they would be interested hearing about war. Luckily I kept a recording of our conversation and presented it to his family. The gratitude that I received back from them was so rewarding. I have been chasing that feeling ever since.

The Faces of New Jersey project is inspired by a project on Flickr called 100 strangers. I got addicted to viewing the 100 strangers project after I found Danny Santos. Danny photographs strangers in the street of Orchard Road in Singapore. I had a different approach to a similar project; however, I didn’t want to limit myself to 100 people and I certainly didn’t want to limit my project to just strangers.

Now that you know a little more about me and my project, I would like to invite you to follow along with my blog. My goal is to meet at least one person a week and post a new entry by Sunday night.

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