The Faces of New Jersey Project: Jim Pica


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Jim Pica

Meet Jim, born and raised in New York, moved to New Jersey about 7 years ago. Jim is a union Elevator Constructor by trade and helped install all the elevators in the Yankee Stadium. Jim also has a passion for photography, we are both in the South Jersey Photography Group. Jim has had an interest in photography since he was a kid and has been pursuing it more seriously over the last couple of years. Jim enjoys music, especially Steam Punk and Industrial Rock. He also likes tattoos, sports and cartoons of all kind. Jim is determined to turn his love for art and photography into something he could make a living off of.

It was a pleasure getting to know Jim. He drove an hour and 20 mins just to be part of my project and I couldn’t be more grateful. I look forward to building a friendship and getting out and taking photos together. If you would like to check out some of Jim’s photos you can find them here……

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