The Faces of New Jersey Project: Katt Wilkins


Katt Wilkins-38

Katt and I met online through the South Jersey Photography Group. Katt has been making photographs since she first picked up her fathers camera in her Elementary School Years. Katt recently started a very inspiring photo project of her own. She takes photos of herself and others to showcase the beauty in everyone, especially those that have been through rough times in their life. Katt lost her sister to a “life-long battle with Muscular Dystrophy and six months later her best friend committed suicide”.

Needless to say, Katt has gone through a lot in a very short amount of time. It takes a lot of courage for her to speak up and not only share her experience with the world but also help others who may be going through similar experiences. You can find Katt and her project here…….

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Curious Bystander


The Faces of New Jersey Project- Curious Bystander

While photographing Allie a few weeks ago at the Hamilton Mall, we were approached by this fella. He was curious why we were taking pictures. I explained the project and gave out a contact card. He said thank you and was on his way. Our paths crossed once again as we were heading downstairs and I was told I would be contacted. I explained that I lived about 40 mins away and he should allow me to take a headshot real quick while I was there.

After a little hessitation about his wardrobe, he agreed to participate. I asked have you ever heard of the term squinching? He replied, “Smile with my eyes” yeah I got it. I never really thought of using that term but it makes total sense. After just a few test shots this was the outcome. As the shoot was coming to an end, he explained that he doesn’t always have access to the internet; however, he would check out the project at a friend’s house. I wish I could remember his name but it went so fast I couldn’t recall when I got home. I want to say its Armondo but I could be completely wrong.

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Resident #5 Rick Cornwall


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Resident #5 Rick Cornwall

Meet Rick, I’ve know him since my school days. Rick is from one town over and would sometimes hang out at the basketball courts. We have a mutual friend named Jimmy. We would hang out and shoot the shit from time to time. I contacted Rick through Facebook and asked him to be part of my project. Rick agreed but wanted to incorporate his tattoos because the artwork on his skin is the best representation of who he is. I said ok but you have to bring your custom stretch. That is the bicycle in the background. Rick is known for being inked up but also known for having some sick bikes. You cant judge a book by its cover, Rick is the perfect example of that statement. Thanks man for battling the elements in a t-shirt.

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The Faces of New Jersey Project: Resident #4 Al Money


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Resident #4 Al Money

Meet Allen or other wise known as Money. I first met Money when I started my career as a Well Pump Technician back in 2007. Money is a part time truck driver and is planning on retiring completely in 2014. He is definetely a Character with plenty of stories to tell. He was born and raised in Millville NJ and currently resides in Bridgeton. I will miss him for sure when he retires.

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