The Faces of New Jersey Project: Becky Beasley


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Becky Beasley

Meet Becky, born and raised in Cherry Hill. Becky moved to New York for college and spent nearly a decade there working in advertising. She was living the dream. Becky ended up moving back to Jersey and married the love of her life. They currently reside in Lumberton with two dogs and two cats. Becky and I first met while shooting our very first wedding as second shooters. There were a total of 4 photographer at that wedding. A bit overkill but it was a blast. While I stopped shooting weddings, Becky continued doing it on the weekends. She is a very talented graphic designer with a passion for photography. It was great having the opportunity to photograph Becky, she is such a kind soul and extremely photogenic. Please check out Becky’s Page and give her a like.

If you or someone you know lives in NJ and would like to be featured in my project, please send me a message either through this site or on my facebook page.


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