The Faces of New Jersey Project: Marc Strano from Marc’s Place


The Faces of New Jersey Project: Marc Strano from Marc's Place

Meet Marc, he just celebrated his 30th year of cutting hair. When Marc was in high school he apprenticed under his father to become a Barber. By the time Marc graduated he was already cutting hair full time. Marc moved on when his dad sold their shop and he started working for another salon. Marc had 1000 clients follow him to his new workplace and quickly realized how loyal his customers were and decided to open his own shop called Marc’s Place. Marc’s Place is a family friendly hair salon with a theme on sports. Since Marc is a die hard Eagles fan, he created a Logo that represents his favorite team as well as his passion for cutting hair. The salon is equiped with cozy leather couches that are so comfortable they make you want to sleep while you wait for a hair cut. Marc really knows how to treat his clients, he supplies refreshments as well as a play room for your children. If you want to be treated like family then head over to Marc’s Place on Rt 45 in Woodbury and you will be sure to walk out with a smile.

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