The Faces of New Jersey Project: Resident #3 Robbie



Face # 3 is a familiar one to my family. This is my cousin Robbie. Tonight I attended a family birthday party and I brought my camera just incase someone wanted to do some portrait shots. Robbie is the second generation of cousins and is about 11 years younger than me. I never really knew what to say to him growing up because I wasn’t into the same things as he is. Robbie is extremely smart and into politics as well as theater. Probably the exact opposite of how I would classify myself. I decided to walk up to Robbie and ask him if he needed a headshot for anything because he is very stylish and has a fashion sense. Come to find out that he really was interested in modeling and loved the idea. He truly is a great subject to photograph and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to connect with him through photography. I hope that the images that I take of him can help land him in a job that he is passionate about. Robbie and I plan to do more shoots in the future so make sure you LIKE my facebook page and bookmark my website


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